Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Dream

I met the man of my dreams last night. I met him in my dream. This morning I woke and simply said, “Please, don’t go” Then I cried.

For the first time in my life I had a dream like this. I felt the warmth and potential love of the man I am to meet. But, as soon as I was beginning to know him he was gone. He said I would see him again as we walked away.

Earlier in the dream, I was at some kind of function- it was familiar and people were familiar. I saw a little girl- darker skinned than myself- stealing hamburgers off men’s plates as they slowly walked by, taking a bite & putting it back before she was noticed. I watched as she did this a few times. I had to smile because she was. Her smile widened with every one she got away with. Others should have noticed, but turned a blind eye. Finally, I was determined to end it by getting her, her own hamburger. As I was walking towards her, she did it, yet again, this time the victim walked away too fast to get his back, so she left it on the highly polished hardwood floor, behind him and scurried off to her seat. I followed her. “Come on with me,” I said softly. “We are going to get you, your own hamburger.” She smiled, took my hand and off we went. We walked around this carnival type place and finally found a hamburger place. Then, I brought her back to her mother, who was sitting on a chair taking care of a baby. She was a black woman and the baby she was caring for was light skinned as well. She thanked me, and asked me to have a seat, then handed me this baby, while she worked on the baby’s sleeping place. I sang to the bay and she smiled and cuddled into my neck.

“Wow, she is never like that to strangers. “ “ Oh,” I blew it off. “She just knows I’m a mother.” The woman took the baby, and placed her down to sleep, then sat in the chair next to me. They were over stuffed chairs placed together at an angle, with the just the corners touching. We talked for a bit, I immediately like her as she did me, and felt we had known each other forever. Perhaps we had been friends in the pre- existence.

At one point I said, “So, do you have any brothers?” I said it in a set me up “with your brother” way. I felt so comfortable with her, her hamburger –lar daughter and little baby daughter, that I felt her brother would be some one I should meet.

“Maurice,” I think she said, nodding.

She faded and the next thing I know I am talking to an interesting man. He was nice, polite, and handsome. We talked about familiar things and It just felt pleasant. As he was leaving another man bumped into me, and we broke into laughter, than conversation and the whole world disappeared. He was averagely handsome, and smelled just right. He kind of looked like. . . I can't describe. At one point I told him I lived, with my ex, in Camden years ago, on Union Street.

He said. “Oh. . .some very nice homes on Unions St.,”

“Yes,” I replied, But, we lived in the apartment complex.”

He smiled, with understanding.

“They were very beautiful apartments, too.” I added. “

“Yes, I know,” he said.

He had to leave, so I walked with him until I could no more. He had his arm around my waist, as I did his. It felt like it was meant to feel, perfect. His chin came to around my eyes. And his waist was just right, not too big, and not too small. Secretly, I wanted him to kiss me, but he didn’t. I felt a bit of familiar, comfortable, electricity between us. I was glad he didn’t try because we just met and, in actuality, we hardly knew each other.

Then he was gone and I was waking up. It was and hour earlier than usual. I didn’t open my eyes, eager to stop my waking process, but he faded fast.

I began to silently cry, “Please don’t go.”

Is he the one? Will I meet him again, either in my dreams or better yet in person? Was he a sign of things to come, or just wishful thinking, or dreaming? Is he the man I’ve dreamed for or only a man in my dream?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who is this woman?

Who is this woman,
gazing at me?
Where is the girl,
I used to be?
Is she now gone,
put safely away?
Will I have time,
to enjoy her some day
. . . day
. . . . . . . day?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My kids

Craig, Kara, Kyle & Christopher